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Sic Branding
Design and Marketing for DJs and Musicians

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“who tf is sic branding? are they actually sic?”

Sic Branding is a California Based Art and Branding Collective

We're a digitally connected network of designers and web marketing nerds spread across California. We've all cut our teeth on boring ass commercial design and marketing work, but the music scene is our common passion. Sic Branding is our way of bringing these effective branding methods back to the community we care about. To help you, the musician, have time to do what you care about: making and performing music!
“tite. so uh, what exactly do you do?”

We're a One Stop Shop For Musicians

We're not going to feed you bullshit. You don't need fancy stickers, a fun interactive website, custom VJ video clips, and sound reactive music videos - but they sure help! We can help you save time and money on all of this stuff by handling all the art in house and working with reliable vendors for printing. You don't have to research sticker companies, learn 3D modeling, or figure out how to make a website, we've already done that for you.
“okay sic that's exactly what i need! so how do i start?”

Our Design & Marketing Process

  1. Contact
    Let us know who you are and what you're looking for by filling out the request form above.
  2. Research
    We'll check out your online presence, ask some basic questions, and schedule a phone call or meeting to discuss where you're at as a musician, what you want to accomplish, and how we can help.
  3. Quote
    After this call we'll send a detailed quote describing the services, costs, terms, and timelines.
  4. Contract
    Once we finalize a quote we'll sign a contract.
  5. Initial Payment
    50% payment will be due up front, after which all work will begin. We'll keep you updated on the progress and allow opportunities for any revisions within the contract.
  6. Work Complete
    After work is completed to the terms of the contract, we'll provide to you the completed files, in a variety of formats, along with a basic usage guide.
  7. Final Payment
    Final payment is due within 30 days of project completion.
  8. Archive
    All completed and paid for project files are stored in our vaults indefinitely in case you lose them or need future work.
  9. Succeed
    You go out and win a bunch, then come back for more art for your next release, tour, or project 😃